November 2006 – Spring 2008
MacHeist is an organization that sells a Mac software bundle from time to time (normally about $400 worth of software for $49 though for MH3 it was $39 for about $1,000 of software). In the lead up to the bundle sales a series of mini-games and mysteries are revealed threading together a storyline and giving players the chance to get a collection of free software and discounts on the final bundle.

MacHeist I (Spring 2007)
I wrote puzzles and helped create story line and game ideas for the first MacHeist. This involved writing content, testing content, and lateral thinking.

Live Event Coordinator
MacHeist II (Winter 2007 / Spring 2008)
I helped create live events where players left the digital space and interacted in the real world. This included a chase through downtown Chicago to find clues around the loop and an event where players went to phone boxes in cities around the country and got everything but phone calls.

Frequency Television
October 2005 – May 2006
Frequency Television is the student television station of Columbia College Chicago. The station is seen throughout the campus of Columbia College (including the dorms), in the Chicago area on cable and online at

Webmaster / Podcaster
October 2005 – May 2006
I created an original stand alone site for Frequency Television and developed their ability to podcast. Though my work with them Frequency Television became the first college television station to have scripted entertainment in the iTunes Podcast Directory.

Young Citizens Network
June 2004 – Summer 2007
During my junior year of high school I was invited to attend the World Affairs Seminar, a gathering of high school juniors from around the world. As part of my experience there I teamed up with 15 others representing three continents and 13 US States to form a not-for-profit (Michigan registered) to focus on getting youth interested in the events of the world around them.

Co-Founder and Editor in Chief
June 2004 – Summer 2007
As a co-founder and editor in chief I was the coordinator who made sure that new content was created for our core news site. I also worked with educational advisors to attempt to develop our content to be useable by schools.

Project: Acheron
July 2002 – September 2003
Project: Acheron was an Alternative Reality Game developed by a group of fans of the genre to explore different ways of play within the ARG form. We developed a large over-arcing sci-fi time travel story.

July 2002 – September 2003
As a puppetmaster (or PM) for Project: Acheron I was involved in the creation of content for both pre-game and during game events along with the development of storyline. This included the creation of various props and puzzles that combined both real world and online activities and creating submission systems that challenged players to figure out what was in the game and what was not.