Code Monkey Publishing / Zeitgeist Games
Winter 2006 – Summer 2009
Code Monkey Publishing (and before January 2008 Zeitgeist Games) publish the Dungeons and Dragons campaign setting “Blackmoor.” Originally created by the co-creator of Dungeons and Dragons, Dave Arneson, the products are built to bring back the flavor of the old school of gaming. Part of the product line is a national campaign of adventures available for free through

Adventure Author
February 2006 - Summer 2009
My first adventure for Blackmoor, “Spirit of the Moon,” was an adaptation of an outline submitted by author Richard Pocklington. The adventure premiered at the home show for the campaign, MegaCon in Orlando, Florida. My second adventure “Communications Breakdown” premiered the following year at MegaCon. At GenCon 2009 I wrote three premier adventures which are currently in editing for potential general release.

Campaign Coordinator
Summer 2006 - Summer 2008
As a Campaign Coordinator I am one of a team who develops material for the campaign. In the past my responsibilities have included editing organizational documents to make them consistent for story, developing new items in the flavor of the campaign to make available for players and editing materials for rules balance and reviewing adventures for errors and issues.

Layout Artist
Spring 2009
I was the layout artist for the Blackmoor product line’s premier product for
Wizards of the Coast’s Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition. The book that I laid out, entitled Dave Arneson’s Blackmoor: The First Campaign is currently available from many fine game stores in a Print and PDF bundle or from DrivethroughRPG as a PDF.

Columbia College Chicago
2005 – 2010
Columbia College Chicago is the nation’s largest private arts and media college. I graduated from the Television Department with a concentration in Writing/Producing in May 2010. I completed the Semester In LA Program on the Raleigh Studios lot, taught by Lee Zlotoff and Jack Gilbert.

Drama Program Writing Competition (co-winner)
Fall 2006
The Drama Program Workshop was a team pilot development competition during the Fall 2006 term. The pilot that I wrote with classmate Tony Goldmark, called “Root of All Evil” won the competition and was produced.

Drama Program Writing Competition (winner)
Fall 2007
For Fall 2007 the program was changed to focus on individual work. My pilot “The Road” won the competition and is currently in production with Gary Sherman (Poltergeist 3, 39: A Film by Carroll McKane) leading the directing class and Joe Keefe leading the producers. Production was completed in May 2008 and the program premiered at the New York Television Festival in September 2008

Frequency Television Program Development Competition (finalist)
Fall 2005
The Television Department television station Frequency Television held an open call competition for program development in Fall 2005. Over the course of two months the field was narrowed to two, my drama pilot called “Choices” and a sitcom called “Phil In The City.” “Phil In The City” won in the final round.

All-of-us-express Children’s Theater
Summer 1993 – Summer 2007
All-of-us-express creates theater for children, by children but expects students to strive for professional quality work in all aspects of production. Full information about the organization can be found at

Lead writer / editor “Story Book Story Theater: Tales of Hans Christian Anderson”
Spring 2005
During most summers the company offers a premier traveling troupe that tells stories using minimal props and costumes. For the 2005 year I directed and produced the troupe including leading the writing of the script and working with the students to write/edit the material they created for the script.