Welcome to Joe Kavanagh . com. You may be asking yourself who is Joe Kavanagh and why am I at his digital home? The first question I can answer, the second I'll leave to you to think about and consider.

Who is Joe Kavanagh?

Alex: That's Correct, you have control of the board
I'm a Freelance Writer and Production Assistant in Los Angeles. I’m a 2010 graduate of the Television Writing program at Columbia College Chicago. I grew up in Mid-Michigan where I was the geeky loner type until High School except for when I was at All-of-us-express Children's Theater. I was involved in that organization from the age of six until nineteen gaining leadership skills, gaining friends, and gaining a love for storytelling that's serving me through my writing. Once I got into high school I found other outlets as well through Science Olympiad, QuizBusters, and my most lasting hobby, Roleplaying Games.

What have you done?

Nothing...honest this time. Oh, you meant things I've achieved in the past... Really I'm not doing anything right now. Honest.
I create things. More specifically: I write for television and video, I've written for online Alternate Reality Games (The Acheron Project, The Puzzle Project), I was a puzzle writer and content writer for MacHeist I and II along with live event coordinator for MacHeist II. I've written adventures, edited for balance, and was a national campaign staff member for Dave Arenson's Blackmoor RPG Campaign In 2004 I directed the mainstage show "The Tales of Hans Christian Anderson" as part of a double bill with "The Frog Prince" for All-of-us-express Children's Theater. The following summer I coordinated the Storybook Story Theater Traveling Troupe for the company where I also led the participating students in writing a semi-comedic sped up take on eight of Hans Christian Anderson's tales. I was the winning writer in the Columbia College Chicago TV Drama Program Workshop Writing Competition in 2007 ("Root of All Evil", Co-written with Tony Goldmark) and 2008 ("The Road", premiered at the 2008 New York Television Festival). In 2010 I was a part of the Semester In LA Program on the Raleigh Studios lot then for Election 2010 I became the Special Projects Manager for Organizing For America California.