Organizing for America California
April 2010 - November 2010
Organizing for America is a project of the Democratic National Committee that is empowering local organizers to help support President Obama’s agenda and working to get his allies elected.

Special Projects Manager
July 2010 - November 2010
I created and managed multiple systems dealing with the allocation and reporting of calls. I also managed our virtual “predictive dialing” phone banks across the state using online call tools.

Guinness World Record Holder
May 2003
Guinness World Records is the most respected brand in world records. To get one requires massive coordination and preparation.

Organizer: Most People In One Place Wearing Groucho Marx Glasses
May 2003
During my sophomore year I organized my high school (East Lansing High School) into attempting to break a Guinness World. I raised the funds from other school organizations and arranged the purchase and delivery of the glasses. I also coordinated with local media organizations to make sure that our story was covered. I managed the record keeping and coordinated with the people at Guinness World Records to make sure our record was certified.

All-of-us-express Children’s Theater
Summer 1993 – Summer 2007
All-of-us-express creates theater for children, by children but expects students to strive for professional quality work in all aspects of production. Full information about the organization can be found at

Member of board of directors
June 1997 – February 1999
As a member at large of the board of directors I participated in the decision making process of the organization and was involved in the show selection process for seasons 15 through 20 (2003 to 2009).

Directed show “Tales of Hans Christian Anderson”
Fall 2004
Students who are interested in directing productions and have done all the crews that are offered by the company are occasionally given the opportunity to direct (with the permission of company director Evelyn Weymouth). I directed Hans as part of a double bill with another student directing the other half. This was a fine balance of management and artistic skills to create a successful show.

Directing and producing traveling troupe “Story Book Story Theater”
Spring 2005 – Summer 2006
I was the director/producer of the company’s traveling troupe for two seasons organizing the troupe and coordinating with summer events throughout mid-Michigan where the troupe preformed.

Capitol Area Role Players
Summer 2002 – Summer 2009
CARP is an organization of Role Playing Gamers in the Mid Michigan area. We gather for twice monthly gamedays at local game stores and the Gone WIred Cafe.

Member of board of directors
February 2004 – February 2007
I helped schedule events and designed various paperwork items for the organization. I also did the paperwork for the organization’s re-incorporation to a Non-Profit Corporation.

ELFCORP (East Lansing Fellowship Committee Of Role Players)
Spring 2005 – Spring 2006
ELFCORP was a high school roleplaying club that I created at East Lansing Public High School.

ELFCORP Con Organizer
February 2005
As part of the organization I managed a local convention held at the high school. The event had about 75 attendees from all over the Mid MIchigan area.